The parent company of the group, Turan Hazinedaroğlu Construction Trade, Inc., was established as a design and consulting company in Istanbul in 1971. The company started to undertake, as a general contractor, construction of building projects mainly for the Ministry of Defense in Turkey in 1975.


In 1980 Hazinedaroglu started undertaking infrastructure projects in Turkey and after the incorporation in 1982, the company diversified into international markets, namely Libya in 1982, Azerbaijan in 1991, Russia in 1993, Moldavia in 1998, Bulgaria in 2002, Iraq in 2005 and Romania in 2006.


In addition to its general contracting activities, Hazinedaroglu started to develop commercial and residential projects in Turkey in the early 1990’s. Today the company continues to carry out various building and infrastructure construction works for public and private clients in Turkey and abroad.


Established in 1994 as a joint venture company, Hazinedaroğlu Özkan Construction, Inc., has been carrying out construction works in the Russian Federation. After the internal share transfer in 1998, the company, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the group, continues to undertake superstructure and infrastructure construction projects in the Russian Federation and Turkey.